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Customer's emotions analysis

Customer's emotional analysis

A deep understanding of your customer's emotional profile


Product's Emotional Examination

Product's emotional examination

Discover what's the emotional engagement level of your product


Mood-based Product Recommendation

Mood-based recommendation

Recommend top products based on the customer's mood


Mood-based shopping personalisation

Mood-based shopping personalisation

Specialise and customize whole journey based on the customer's emotions


customer's Emotional Buying pattern 

customer's emotional shopping pattern

explore and understand what your customer's buy or dislike in their different emotions

A/B testing

Emotional-based a/b testing

emotional-based a/b testing

Dig deep into your customers' persona and find their emotions' correlations with your different products 

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What industry experts say about emotional appeal

Cornell University
Cornell University Cornell University

Your customers make 35,000 decisions every day and emotions play a role as much as 90% of their day

Prof. Gerald Zaltman Prof. Gerald Zaltman

95% of our Purchase Decision Making takes place in the Subconscious Mind

Harvard Business Review Harvard Business Review

Emotions form the basis of 50% of the experiences with the brands.

Motista Motista

Consumers with Emotional Connection to Brands Have 306% Better Lifetime Value than Satisfied Customers

Karen J.Pine, the university professor
Prof. Karen J. Pine Prof. Karen J. Pine

8 out of 10 women cited like to shop to cheer themselves up or to repair their mood.

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