Mood-Based Recommendation

Love it or hate it, shopping is an integral part of our everyday lives. Studies show, our different emotions have a huge impact on various domains of consumer behavior.

For instance, consumers who get recommended and search less will be less likely to find lower prices for a product; hence emotional-based recommendations will lead paying higher prices on average.

Influence Domains



For Malls & Shopping Centers

For Fashion & Apparel Retailers

For Web shops & Online Retailers


For those who are looking for an efficient solution to optimise their marketing budget and get the best result out of every cent.

For those who want to automate their day-to-day operation to have more time to focus on more important issues.

For the marketing leaders, who look for a solution to increase their team effectiveness and achieve their results better than planned.

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of people buy for an emotional reason, studies show

Features & Benefits

Better Customer Segmentation ​
Right Product Recommendation​
Accurate Lifetime Value Prediction​
Interpret Customer Behaviors​
Simplifies Product Marketing ​
Adapt Without Human Intervention
Precision of Financial Rules & Models
Rapid Analysis Prediction & Processing​

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Use Cases

Product Recommendation Improvement
Cross Selling & Up-Selling Improvement
Playlist Engagement Analyse
Smart Digital Signage for Malls
Product Engagement Examination


We are Kabbex, a vibrant tech startup based in the Netherlands. Deep learning and AI, are the heart of everything we do. It drives the discoveries we make and the technology we create. 
We as a team of data enthusiasts, launched Kabbex in 2019 with the aim to build a solution to visually interpret human behavior in the physical world. It resulted to an innovative solution, enabling retail sector to smart spaces of the future that interact with people in seamless and meaningful ways.
In short, machine learning is our heart, personalisation is our brain and emotional translation is our blood.
Kabbex is completely consistent with the EU General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).


Perfect Match

We are a team of machine learning engineers, psychologists and marketers. A perfect combination to build a meaningful, insightful and resultful solution to answer your business needs.


We are just a small startup team. Here for us agile literally stands for agile, nimble and flexible. It’s a way of our thinking, and working  to respond quickly and effectively.

Proven Solution

We just don’t identify the problems. We provide sustainable dedicated solutions that can be applied to solve your marketing concerns and needs.


Every cent counts here to make sure you get the most out of it. We provide a valuable solution with different plans for various businesses and stages.


Derren de Jong, Adviser
Hans Smeets, CTO
Jafar Lotfi, CEO

Our Story

The time I was a marketing manager, when I was diagnosed disappointedly; how I had to spend huge time and budget to test different marketing and personalization systems, when I was trying to reach  my marketing objectives, I had to spend my budget to find a system really works; how I got fired from my job, as my boss was not patient with the delayed objectives;  and my son was born in the same month.
At the time I was trying to reach my sales goals easier to make a big money out of my job, to have free time to build my own business while still working for a boss I couldn’t stand (and who apparently didn’t like me either)
My core problem that I was struggling with, was finding the best technic to personalise the offers in a way that users surely want to buy. Instead of offering thousands of products, only ten items they 100% want.
And I was getting more and more frustrated and anxious, under a huge pressure.
Then something really bad happened;  I was told I had to reach the sales objectives within 90 days with half of the budget, or they had to give my position to someone else; I collapsed one morning from a panic attack; a co-worker took something I said out of context and got my boss so mad that he fired me over the phone while I was stuck in rush hour traffic trying to get home.
Which meant I couldn’t give my new family the life I promised them. I wanted to make more money and have more free time to build my own business, but keep beating the streets for a new job. I was jobless, with a new born son and too many bills to pay and a very disgusting feeling of disappointing my wife.
As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate, I wasn’t ready to give up on my dream of financial freedom and providing a wonderful lifestyle for my family having more time to spend with them.
Then eventually, after having sessions with my psychotherapist (actually I had to control my anger and stress) I discovered emotional engineering; it opened a secret door to a new era.
At that point, everything changed!
I finally figured out:
Because I discovered the secret method of emotional analysis in the commercial domain and provide this to a hungry market. This meant:
Now I’m living my dream of providing a wonderful lifestyle for my family; using the emotional analysis to make a fortune; and I never have to worry about losing my job, dying of KPIs’ pressure, struggling with my financials, ever again.
And that’s why I’m so passionate sharing with you about “Emotional Analysis and Personalisation” so you can experience getting your business and personal goals done to make a fortune; too!

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