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Kabbex is platform helps you personalize and recommend your products based on the customer’s mood in real time.

Emotions are the main driver of our decisions including the shopping decisions. When customers get recommended based on their mood, they are more likely buy and finish the buying procedure. They are more likely to buy more expensive items, and they do less search and

You already have every information about your customers’ age, location, gender, their shopping history, etc. All those information in their perfect form which is called demographics, are only 50% of your knowledge about your customer. And that is about their rational part. The other 50% is about what emotions does your customer has while he/she is on your platform. More importantly, this 50% is the main driver of the customer’s buying decisions, according to the studies.

It is possible to use Kabbex from a very light version to the deep version. We provide the ultimate personalisation experience. To get the best and the most out Kabbex, you need to use all three elements together and integrate the outputs with your platform.

Both. Flexible combinations of features and prices, designed both small and big companies toward their marketing goals in their different stages.

In general, any online retailer that provide stuff correlated with people emotions. However, platforms that sell music, video, tour and travel, content, fashion and apparel are those that are a great fit.

We are based in Emmen, the Netherlands.


  1. Select a plan
  2. Tell us your objectives
  3. Install our plugin or API
  4. We tag all your products
  5. It’s live

Kabbex basically works through three main elements; artificial intelligence to detect the customer’s mood based on facial expressions, deep learning to learn from customer’s interactions and shopping history, and neuroscience to track and monitor customer’s emotions while using the service.

Apart of mood-based personalisation which is very important itself for relevant recommendations it helps you to:

  • Increase conversion rate
  • Increase user engagement
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Reduce abandoned shopping cards
  • Differentiate your platform in the market
  • Increase customer’s average order value

You will understand what emotion every customer (unlimited) is in when they are on your platform. You can also make 100 mood-based recommendations per month, and you will have access for one user.

Absolutely nothing! It’s a marketing-as-a-service, we will do all for you. No staff required on your side, no extra budget, no more expertise. We do all for you.

Yes, you can. We can adjust and align the system with your marketing objectives such as cross-selling, upselling, engagement, abandoned shopping carts, etc.

They only need to take a selfie or submit an emoticon. That’s it. Then we will detect their and recommend them top product matching their mood and they surely want to buy.

Yes, definitely we do. It’s a money-back guarantee, and if we could not double your average order value, you will get refunded.

Yes, there is a 30-day free trial period for every selected plan.


The integration is available through API. It makes the integration quite simple and quick to your back-end. If you use eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento, it is also available through standard plugins which you can easily install into your platform.

All will be done automatically based on our algorithm. We have 500,000 previous shopping interactions that will help perfectly tag all your products. However, you are always able to modify them through your dashboard.

Not at all. The whole procedure happens on your platforms. Our engine will be connected to your platform, and there will be no redirection for your customers.

Once it is installed on your platform, you have option to make it available for the consumers as a pop-up or a tab on your website. It can ask consumers e.g. “Take a selfie to get top recommendations based on your mood”

Yes, the whole customer journey through our service, will be customised based on your platform appearance, user interface and corporate identity.

Yes, it is fully complied with European GDPR and its guidelines. For detailed information please read our privacy policy.

Pricing & Billing

We have a free-forever tier, in which you do not have to pay anything. There are also paid plans that you can get more advanced services.

You will understand what emotion every customer (unlimited) is in when they are on your platform. You can also make 100 mood-based recommendations per month, and you will have access for one user.

Billing cycles (for paid plans) will be monthly basis. If you select to pay annually there will be 20% discount on the plans.

No question-asked policy! Once you were unhappy and ask for a refund, you’ll get refunded.

You will get refunded within 30 working days, no question asked.

Yes, there is a 30-day free trial period for every selected plan.
comparing the prices.