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Kabbex for customers' semantic profile for semantic insight and psychographic


Through our mood-based shopping personaliser you can perfectly:



And finally,

we guarantee you can double your customers’ lifetime value!


Kabbex helps better customer segmentation

Better Customer Segmentation

Kabbex helps smart product recommendation

Smart Product Recommendation

Kabbex helps increased & accurate lifetime-value prediction

Increased & Accurate Lifetime-value Prediction

Kabbex helps to interpret customer emotional behaviors

Interpret Customer Emotional Behaviors

Kabbex helps simplifies and smart product marketing

Simplifies and smart Product Marketing

Kabbex helps rapid analysis, prediction & processing

Rapid Analysis, Prediction & Processing

Kabbex helps adapt without human intervention

Adapt Without Human Intervention

Kabbex helps precision of financial rules & models

Precision of Financial Rules & Models

Fully Complied with GDPR

No in-house resource needed

No complexity at all

no extra budget required

See Our Proofs And Numbers In Action

We did a test in order to prove, that our solution can get the marketing objectives of the fashion webshops done. We conduct a test with Amazon and Spotify users. We offered Kabbex to 2000 users, and, to sum up, take a look at the results:

Kabbex's pilot test results with Amazon & Spotify

More importantly, we reached the above goals, only in a 30-day period including 10 days of observation with a team of 2 people.

Kabbex for mood-Based Product Recommendation

Product Recommendation Improvement

Kabbex for cross selling & up-selling improvement

Cross Selling & Up-Selling Improvement

Kabbex for video ad engagement examination

Video Ad Engagement

Kabbex for playlist engagement analysis and examination

Playlist Engagement Analysis and Examination

Kabbex for smart digital signage for shops & shopping centers

Smart Digital Signage for shops & shopping centers

Kabbex for product engagement examination

Product Engagement

Kabbex for market research and examination

Market Research and

Kabbex for dynamic product marketing

Dynamic Product