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Here is how you can monetize your contents 2x more

We help music and video streaming platforms to personalise and recommend their contents based on the users’ emotions in real time.

Our algorithm enables the streaming platforms to interact with their users based on their semantic profile and adopt their offerings around the content that matters most to the users and their emotions.

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The figure above is gist of an academic research that investigated that how emotions will affect the shopping decisions and vice versa.  As you may see, surprisingly, 62% of people buy things to repair their mood. The research published in the journal of Psychology and Marketing. The research has been conducted in the United States with 407 participants in series of studies in 2011.


You can achieve your content monetization targets, if you personalize your content based on your user’s emotions. However, most of technologies are not able to capture the real time emotions because they change time to time. We are the best people dedicated to solving this problem for music and video streaming platforms.

A team of psychologists, machine learning professionals and marketers, are here to understand your customers and your needs to help you doing more with less.


We are a content recommendation platform that helps the streaming platforms which offer music and video content, to personalise their content based on the user’s mood. Now, you can detect your user’s emotions in real time through our platform which is backed by AI and deep learning. Our algorithm helps you understand user’s emotions offer them the content fits their emotional statement and they surely want to buy.

A better offer, less waste!


“My core concept is that the streaming platforms fail their monetisation targets, not because they curated them enough or do not have top rated content, but the problem is that they have hundred thousands of content, but still using old methods to offer them to the users. Then, they end up with their license rights ended and have not make enough money out of them ”

“It’s possible to achieve your content monetization targets, if you have the right information and you follow the right steps in the right order. The right information about  what emotion the user is at the time and what music or video could bring the highest engagement. Unfortunately, most platforms use very expensive tools with overwhelming data that at the end of the day, can’t help the reaching their targets. We have dedicated the last few years to solving this problem.”


The figure below depicts the growth of a music streaming platform (Spotify), during our pilot test. Notice the increase in upsell and the reduce in bounce rate. We offered Kabbex to 2000 users, and, this was done in only a 30 day period including 10 days of observation with a team of 2 people.

Kabbex's pilot test results with Amazon & Spotify