Emotion is a central quality of human existence, and most of one’s behavior, motivation, and thought is enriched with and influenced by emotions. One’s relationship with the world is essentially affective, which means that all the interactions imply and involve emotions, whether these are interactions with the social world or with the material one.

Our solution helps you understand customers emotions and their impact on every aspect of your business, brand, products, and ultimately your presence in the market.

A product, or using a product, can elicit disappointment, attraction, shame, pride, disgust, contempt, admiration, satisfaction, fear, anger, and any other emotion a person may also experience in response to events, people, or actions of people. This chapter provides a general analysis of the phenomenon emotion, focusing on some basic questions: what is emotion, how can it be differentiated from other affective phenomena, what manifestations are associated with it, why do humans experience it, and how is it elicited? The review provides some basic answers to these questions that on the one hand are drawn from recent insights in emotion theory and on the other hand are not estranged from the everyday notion of what (product) emotion is. 


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Customer's Emotions Analysis

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Product's Emotional Engagement Examination

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Mood-Based Product Recommendation

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Mood-Based Shopping Personalisation

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Customer’s Shopping Pattern Analysis

Product emotional AB testing

Products Emotional-Based A/B Testing

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