How To Make A Video That 100% Works Without Losing Valuable Advertising Budget!

We help video marketing agencies to measure the video’s performance, audience’s emotions and engagement level without asking direct questions. Our algorithm enables marketing agencies to interact with their users based on their semantic profile and fine-tune their video to make a killer edition that will work 2x times better.

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  • While 85% of businesses use video in marketing. Do you think why?
  • Because they lack the insight to fine-tune their video before publishing it!
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  • Every second counts in a video ad, as most of the people just watch first 5 seconds.
  • This video of Adidas, is only 6 seconds, and one of the most successful and engaged video ad.
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Kabbex for emotional engagement examination for video ad materials

About Video Marketing

Video marketing allows you to engage with your customers by personalizing your marketing message and telling an engaging story. Video marketing is a versatile marketing tool that can improve your online advertising, email marketing campaigns, and even search engine optimization. Video marketing is the process of incorporating videos into your inbound marketing campaign to connect more directly with customers while increasing brand awareness.

This type of video marketing works in both B2B and B2C environments. Customer testimonials, product descriptions, how-to videos, and live event videos work well in various settings. When used in social media marketing and mobile advertising, video can connect your business to the 55% of B2C prospects, who use YouTube every day to watch videos, and to the 92% of B2B buyers who watch online videos.

You can expect much higher open rates by putting the word “video” in the subject line of your email marketing campaign messages. Additionally, businesses that embed video in their emails have seen their click-through rates almost double. Perhaps the most astounding statistic of the bunch is that videos are 50 times more likely to get the first-page status on Google than the video’s textual counterpart. This highlights the importance of creating a comprehensive video marketing strategy in general and highlights the marketing opportunity that converting articles and blogs to short videos offers when it comes to SEO and lead generation.