How To Make A Video That 100% Works Without Losing Valuable Advertising Budget!

We help video marketing agencies to measure the video’s performance, audience’s emotions and engagement level without asking direct questions

Our algorithm enables marketing agencies to interact with their users based on their semantic profile and fine-tune their video to make a killer edition that will work 2x times better. 

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We are a video analyzing platform that help marketing agencies to exactly measure their video’s performance, audience’s emotions and engagement level without asking direct questions, and endless discussions which is backed by AI and Deep Learning


While 85% of businesses use video in marketing. Do you think why?

Because they lack the insight to fine-tune their video before publishing it!

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Every second counts in a video ad, as most of the people just watch first 5 seconds. 

This video of Adidas, is only 6 seconds, and one of the most successful and engaged video ad. 

Are you sure, every second of your video, would work as you expect?

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Who is this for?​

This is for video marketing agencies in digital content and entertainment industry, who want to want to make a video that every second of it works, keep it short while tells your story perfect and even save on your advertising budget.

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About Video Marketing

Video marketing allows you to engage with your customers by personalizing your marketing message and telling an engaging story. Video marketing is a versatile marketing tool that can improve your online advertising, email marketing campaigns, and even search engine optimization. Video marketing is the process of incorporating videos into your inbound marketing campaign to connect more directly with customers while increasing brand awareness.

This type of video marketing works in both B2B and B2C environments. Customer testimonials, product descriptions, how-to videos, and live event videos work well in various settings. When used in social media marketing and mobile advertising, video can connect your business to the 55% of B2C prospects, who use YouTube every day to watch videos, and to the 92% of B2B buyers who watch online videos.

You can expect much higher open rates by putting the word “video” in the subject line of your email marketing campaign messages. Additionally, businesses that embed video in their emails have seen their click-through rates almost double. Perhaps the most astounding statistic of the bunch is that videos are 50 times more likely to get the first-page status on Google than the video’s textual counterpart. This highlights the importance of creating a comprehensive video marketing strategy in general and highlights the marketing opportunity that converting articles and blogs to short videos offers when it comes to SEO and lead generation.


Most frequent questions and answers about video marketing

Kabbex is a platform to analyse the sample audience’s emotional engagement with your videos before publishing. Through this insight, you can pick the best edition of your videos or fine-tune the parts with the lower engagement.​

Kabbex is a platform to analyse the sample audience’s emotional engagement with your videos before publishing. Through this insight, you can pick the best edition of your videos or fine-tune the parts with the lower engagement.​

Kabbex basically works through three main elements; artificial intelligence to detect the user’s mood based on facial expressions, deep learning to learn from user’s interactions, and neuroscience to track and monitor user’s emotions while watching a video.​

It is possible to use Kabbex from a very light version to the deep version. We do our best to provide the ultimate audience’s insights. To get the best and the most out of Kabbex, you need to use all three elements together and integrate the outputs with your platform.​

– To optimize your ad budget by producing a video that you are 100% sure works.

– To know and discover the parts of your video with lower attention and engagement of the audience.

– To pick the best edition of your videos, when you have various editions of a video and not sure which one is the best to be published.

It can be available through API integration with your back-end, or have your own dashboard on our servers. It is also possible that you  just to upload your video and get the information back about it.​

It basically works for advertising agencies, marketing agencies, marketers or even individuals that produce videos and want to publish. Every video producer, can use this solution to get real scientific insight on the video. ​

Video ads include online ads that appear on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and ads that connect and sometimes during video streaming via internet broadcasts. The reason video ads are so popular right now is that they effectively reach PC, tablet, and smartphone customers in an increasingly mobile world.

If you want to meet the millions of shoppers who use their smartphones to shop, discover brands, and share content on social media, you need a multi-screen online video marketing strategy.

Two statistics online say that 92 percent of your mobile customers share the video with their friends, and second, 40 percent of all YouTube viewing time is portable video views.

Video ads also work in B2B contexts, as roughly two-thirds of executives have visited a vendor’s website right after watching a video.

Now, rich media is a term related to interactive content.

Rich Media in a Digital Ad Context is a video ad that contains interactive features that further encourage viewer engagement.

Digital ads that take full advantage of rich media advances can be developed, filtered, and broken down to give your customers more control.

You can collect even more customer data and build stronger personalities based on relevant behavioral analysis.

Setting up two identical videos except the thumbnail can also be an easy way to separate the wheat from the chaff and A / B testing for the most engaging video.

More than half of your customers watch a video that’s a minute or less long, which is an incentive to keep your message short and sweet. The shorter videos also consider that your customers will spend more time on social media talking to friends and family and discussing their experiences. Digital ads alone are a billion-dollar industry.

Accessing Facebook and Twitter is expected to be particularly beneficial in the coming years. These two social media giants are expected to hold a third of the digital signage advertising market by 2017.

While mobile users are a bit more forgiving than PC users and stick to your videos the longest, you have, on average, around 10 seconds for the 20% of your viewers who quickly disengage from a video.

This highlights that whether you’re shooting for a micro-video app or a longer explainer video, the focus should be on emotionally engaging your audience and telling a compelling story.

Just make sure the form and function match, keeping in mind both the video (e.g., educational product demos) and your audience’s stage in the buyer’s journey.

For example, calls to action in your videos should be tailored to that specific customer’s knowledge of your business and their enthusiasm to proceed with the purchase, for instance, more detailed white papers in CTA for potential buyers who are almost ready to create a buy but want to do more research.

You know video marketing is effective, but how do you prove that your campaign was successful and generated a high ROI? Here are some great stats to watch out for that can prove the success of your efforts:

Social media participation Number of leads generated by the video or set of videos Drive the results of the video marketing campaign and conversion rate.

For example, calls to action in your videos should be tailored to that specific customer’s knowledge of your business and their enthusiasm to proceed with the purchase, for instance, more detailed white papers in CTA for potential buyers who are almost ready to create a buy but want to do more research.

This is one of those questions that deserve the dreaded, according to the answer.

To determine your business’s best performing video campaign, you need to know what your audience is looking for. You also need to know how they got to your website and have a relative idea of ​​where they are along the buyer’s journey. Find out what interests them.

Where are they likely to find your videos, via email, social media, organic search? Having all of this information will give you a much more solid foundation for building a video marketing campaign.

Of course, you can! How you create an effective sales and marketing video depends on what type of video you want to create and how you plan to use it. Would you like to confirm your business track record, increase your brand awareness, and/or establish your capabilities? Maybe a testimonial video would be helpful.

Should You Increase Lead Generation? You can benefit from a video that encourages word of mouth and builds community engagement on social media.

To get the most out of the video for your money, you need to gather information from your sales and marketing teams. Video content should be beneficial for both departments.

So you need to have regular marketing and sales meetings to keep this on track.

Leverage sales and marketing insights to support your campaign strategy and advance your business goals.

You need your marketing team’s insights gained from buyer personas, content audits, web analytics, and research development.

From your sales team, it is helpful to collect feedback from customers, current and past customers, and business communications.

This process will be much easier if you use an all-in-one CRM, such as HubSpot, which allows you to keep buyer information, contact details, and communication, all in one place that all of your teams can access.

Hiring a video production company can seem overwhelming.

Establishing guidelines to follow is a great idea and will make the process easier.

Before you start your next video marketing campaign, ask these questions, and check the dots under each question if you need some inspiration.

Make sure to use the information you’ve provided to craft a tone and style guide on how you want to convey your brand’s message through video to your audience consistently.

Having answered these questions, you are on your way to having a great information base for your video production company.

Increase brand awareness by establishing yourself as a thought leader on this visual platform. Educate your audience by meeting their needs and providing solutions to those needs with your visual content, such as live streaming a question-and-answer session without your audience, hoping that someone can meet a specific need.

Use interactive video to educate your employees on your company culture and their role expectations.

Video is such an interactive and visual form of content, which makes it easily accessible for your audience to consume and interact with your content.

Lead generation, Contact conversion, Customer conversion, and current customer satisfaction.

YOUR BUYERS: Everything you create should be focused on the needs of your ideal customer. Because that’s ultimately your target audience.

So if you’re not sure what content to create for your video, maybe it’s time to go to the buyer’s drawing board and really detail who they are, what they do, what content format he prefers, where they meet online and offline, what time they meet and where their needs are.

SOCIAL COMMUNITY: Social media is a great place to really connect with your current audience and attract new members to your brand. Engaging your audience on social media will certainly show how you, as a brand, present yourself to your audience in a positive light, such as how much you care about your customers, online and offline, and before and after the sale.

We now hope that we have improved your knowledge of video marketing and now move forward with more confidence in your video marketing campaign.

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